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Butter Poached Pears with Vanilla Caramel Ice Cream

Butter Poached Pears with Ice Cream

Butter Poached Pears with Ice Cream

I recall watching an episode of Iron Chef where Michael Laiskonis butter poached shrimp and it sounded absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, he lost the challenge. I know, I know… the show’s obviously fixed. We’ll discuss that later. Anyway, I loved the butter poached idea and had to use it somewhere.

Poached pears have never really done anything for me. When I see them on a menu I don’t even consider them. I do love pears however, a sorbet or in a tart, but poached? Pears are always being poached in wine or some kind of fruity concoction. I love pears best when they are in a tart or some kind of buttery cake. I took the butter poached idea and applied it to pears. Brilliant.

The pears took on the buttery smoothness like you wouldn’t believe. Or can you?

The pears are terrific warm right out of the butter with a simple crumble and vanilla ice cream. I served mine with a vanilla caramel ice cream and crumbled shortbread. Simple and beautiful. There are so many flavors that can be done here. If you want to add herbs or even a different sugar maybe honey. It goes on and on…

Butter Poached Pears

Butter Poached Pears

3# butter

juice 1 lemon

75g panella sugar

1 vanilla bean

145g maple syrup

4 cinnamon styx

2 star anise

3 cloves

Simply place everything in a pot over low flame and slowly poach the pears. Keep the flame low from beginning to end.

This will take approximately an hour. After you have carefully pulled out your pears, strain the butter mix and save.

Also, save the butter! It’s fantastic for butter cookies or even just on your toast in the morning.