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Warm Caramel Cake, Mother’s Milk Stout Ice Cream, Stout Chocolate Sauce and Pretzels

In September of 2010 I went to Sao Paulo to visit my beautiful amazingly cool greatest friend Michel.  Michel is an awesome guy, great friend and over the top talented.  I love me some Michel!!  I was originally scheduled to go see my friend Ruth in Chile, but due to the earthquake, things got shifted around and I diverted my flight over to Brazil.  A disaster turned into a positive.. a BIG positive.  I am planning a move to Brazil. If you know of anyone looking for a pastry guy in Brazil.  Please let me know!!   Let me tell you, Brazil is everything they say it is.  Beautiful and magical.  I fell in love with Brazil.

Reason #35,983 why I loved Brazil was the food.  They are real steak and potatoes kinda people.  I wasn’t really seeing a lot of pastry shops and honestly I wasn’t looking.  I was checking people out, let’s be honest.  I did however drink a ton of coffee but that’s nothing out of the ordinary.  I did notice that in Brazil they use a lot of cashew and walnut.  I was under the impression that everything was going to be Brazil nuts, for what I thought would be obvious.  I did not see a lot of Brazil nuts used in pastry or anywhere for that matter.  Again I wasn’t really on the look out for it, but I didn’t notice any.

While at a bookstore in Sao Paulo I came across the molten dulce de leche cake.  Anything with dulce de leche in it is 12 out of 10 times bound to be delicious.  Plus, the chocolate molten cake… enough already.  Really, the beer, pretzel, caramel and chocolate sauce, they all go together beautifully.  The stout ice cream is made with Mother’s Milk stout.  I was out with a good friend of mine Jason who was my partner in crime at work.  This dude was funny as hell and we could play off one another as well as any comedy duo.  He introduced me to Mother’s Milk and I instantly fell in love.  I almost discover a new flavor every time I drink it.  Highly recommend it.   The chocolate sauce is made with the stout as well.  More beer, more better.  That’s what grandma used to say.  For a quick finishing touch I added espresso salt.  I came across this salt at the Chelsea Market.  It has a bitterness that I liked and ties in well with the pretzel and beer.  Also with the caramel cake and the whole salted caramel craze as well.

There are two different plating’s simply because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.

This is just my first attempt at the molten cake.  I think a lot can be done with it.  Just like the chocolate molten cake.. I AM GONNA BEAT IT TO DEATH!!!  I have only scratched the surface on my Brazil fantasy.  I am sure the caramel cake and Brazil will pop up quite a bit through this journey.


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