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Duncan Hines Vanilla Frosting Ice Cream Cake with Bailey’s soaked Nilla Wafers and Dulce de Leche

When I was reading that Friendly’s was in financial trouble it made me sad but understood.  Friendly’s is the place grandma and grandpa took you too but there’s not a lot of grandmas and grandpas left.  Friendly’s is hurting for it.  I wonder if Outback will be the old folks restaurant when I’m old?  I love me some Outback.

I was thinking to myself that maybe all Friendly’s needed was a little revamping.  Bring it into the now era.  I don’t know if they employee a Corporate Pastry Chef but if they did I would totally apply.  This ice cream cake here is my contribution and I guess you could say my application.  Hope you’re reading this Friendly’s. Call me?

My mom bought me an ice cream maker a while back, I’m not good with dates.  I was making crazy ice cream for months.  I don’t really recall what possessed me to do the Duncan Hines Vanilla Frosting Ice Cream honestly, but I totally fell in love.  It took me right back to my childhood.  Then I cried.

When I decided to apply for the Corporate Pastry Chef position at Friendly’s I thought the Duncan Hines Vanilla Frosting Ice Cream was the perfect fit.  I did quite a bit of internet searches, hanging out in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store and hit up a couple ice cream shops just observing people.  What I noticed?  People love a ton of crap with their ice cream.  So when I was making my “application” cake I was just loading it with happiness.  One thing I always loved about ice cream cakes is the fudge layer.  The soft gooey chocolate layer that never froze solid.  This is where the dulce de leche stepped in.  Then I wanted some kind of texture without breaking your teeth. Nilla wafers are delicious but I needed to soften them up.  Hello Bailey’s!!  I soaked the Nilla wafers with some Bailey’s.  Not too much, just a quick dip, I didn’t want them to be soggy.

It went like this:
-a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap
-ice cream
-dulce de leche
-soaked wafers
-repeat three times

I layered the bottom with Nilla wafers that were not soaked in Bailey’s.  This gave the bottom a layer that wasn’t soft and gave the cake something to rest on so it was easier to glaze and was easier to handle out of the mold.  I used a 12oz bag of Nestle chocolate chips to 8oz of cream to make a glaze.  To garnish I used Pepperidge Farm soft chocolate chunk cookies and Whoppers pressed into a layer of dulce de leche across the top.  With the leftover Nilla wafers I lined around the side of the cake, this also hides the mess you may have gotten from moving the cake and the glaze may not look so smooth.

I purposely used products from grocery store shelves to make it a more “friendly” Friendly’s cake.  It’s made from products we can all identify with.  You know Duncan Hines Vanilla Frosting.  Nilla wafers soaked in Bailey’s?  Pepperidge Farms?! Whoppers!!! Come on…. you can taste it before you actually taste it!  You already know it’s gonna be good.

Can’t wait to hear from you Friendly’s….  Actually, are there any Friendly’s still open?