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Brown Rice and Chai Horchata

IMG_1609I don’t recall the first time I tried Horchata.  It doesn’t even sound like anything I would like but I love anything Spanish so of course I tried it.  Horchata is one of those things I always try if I see it somewhere.  Everyone has a different way of making it, so I always want to try their secret recipe. 

I made this version of Horchata for some crazy designer lady who was looking to create a line with no sugar, no dairy, no eggs, no gluten.  So basically she was telling me she wanted textured air.  Got it!  My Horchata recipe for me is one of my classics.  It always does well with people.  It’s simple,clean and not overly sweet at all.  Nutty designer lady loved it and dropped me.  That tells me she took my idea and ran with it.  Typical.  For the summer I threw in hunks of mango and sliced orange.  The mango went with the Chai harmoniously.  What an awesome combo, especially on a summer day.

Quickly, make sure your mango is ripe.  I know a lot of people that think mango is nasty.  If you eat an unripe mango, yes they are disgusting.  A perfectly ripe mango is super delicious!

I haven’t tried to make my Chai Horchata with any other Chai mix than the one I have.  It was given to me as a gift and I fell in love with it.  I like the balance of the mix and no one spice is over powering.  Use your favorite Chai mix of course.  Think for yourself!  Also, don’t toast your almonds.  You want them raw so you get a milky consistency when you blend them with the water and rice.

Chai Horchata

100g           almonds, raw
245g           brown rice
1000g         water, cold
20g             Chai mix
41g             real maple syrup
zest of one orange

-combine rice, almonds and water in blender.  Pulse 4 or 5 times to really grind up rice and almonds
-add rest of ingredients, sit in fridge overnight
-strain the next day and serve chilled

Do not grind the Chai mix.  It does not make the flavor come out, it makes it bitter and nasty.

Hope you enjoy!

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