Richard Persimmons Ice Cream

simmons-horizontal-cropTo be completely honest, the only reason I bothered to make this ice cream is so I could call it Richard Persimmons Ice Cream.  It made me giggle when I thought about it so I wanted to do it.  I’ve always been fascinated by Persimmons and Richard Simmons for that matter.  When I was at the peak of my fatness I used to work out to Richard Simmons tapes in hopes that I would get less fat.  Yup, I just admitted to that, against my friends wishes and yup, I said tapes.  No shame though because I did get less fat.  Whatever happened to Richard Simmons?

Well, in case you’re wondering, I did some searching and he’s still alive and kicking.  I encourage you to Google his image.  Now, I remember him as a kid my ma always watched him (just for fun she never worked out or anything) and I thought he was fun, over the top, crazy flamboyant and I admired how he really does care for people, but see him now?  Yikes!!  Cool it Richard it’s not cute anymore.  Not that a grown man acting and dressing like that ever was but, now it’s just sad.   Wait until after you make the ice cream to Google him or you won’t want to make the ice cream.  Yeah, it’s that bad. I am still fascinated with the guy and you got to give him credit for being himself and doing whatever makes him happy.  He was the first person around when I was at my peak fatty moment and he really did motivate me and I lost over 175 pounds.  Also, he really does care about people and has a great heart and for that I thank him.

I found on one website that Persimmons are native to the southeastern United States.  That shocked me.  I had no idea.  Still not sure if that’s right but I ran out of time.  Then it went on to say Persimmons grow wildly all over southern India.   That sounds more right.  I do have a lot of friends from Korea and they love these things.  My Korean friends tell me they dry the Persimmon and make a tea from it.  Interesting.   I can see where it would make a great tea, it has a very subtle flavor.   In the ice cream it has a clean crisp flavor.  It’s not half bad.  I’m not really sure what I would pair a Persimmons with.  It has such a simple cool flavor all it’s own that the ice cream alone is a perfect little finish to a meal.  I get the feeling a lot of things would over power it’s presence.  That’s just rude.  I guess the best way to describe a Persimmon, for me, is that it reminds me of a large gooseberry.  If you don’t know what a gooseberry is, well we’re just screwed here.

Richard Persimmons Ice Cream

380g        Persimmons (approx 6 fruit), peeled and chopped
250g        sugar
50g          Honey
55g          water
460g        milk
460g        Cream
1               cinnamon stick

-make sure to trim the peel away, then dice the persimmons
-in a pot, add the water, sugar, honey and persimmons
-cook on a medium heat until the persimmons become soft, a knife inserted into the fruit should go in easily
-once the fruit becomes tender add your cream and milk, cook for about another 5 minutes
-take your mixture off the heat, remove the cinnamon stick and puree the hell out of it in a blender
-I don’t strain this ice cream mix because I like the little bits you’ll get from the persimmon
-keep in the fridge over night and spin the next day

Oh and the image isn’t mine, though I do have a room in my house with walls like that, if I need to remove the image kindly let me know.


The ice cream is paired with Pavan Gelee, orange blossom honey and a dusting of cinnamon

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