Tomato Pistachio Mozzarella Salad

IMG_3960I really felt like having a nice lunch with myself so I made this beautiful light salad just in time for the kick off of summer.  I originally wanted to call it Half Assed Tomato Mozzarella Salad but my inner voice told me not too.  This is the same voice that tells me it’s OK to stalk the guy at the deli.  I really need to find new personalities.

I have always talked to myself, which I never thought was a big deal and I have no future plans to stop.  To be honest I love my company and humor so it works.  It wasn’t until I moved to New York and noticed people giving me odd looks and on numerous occasions people giggling at me that I realized I was moving my mouth and actually making the hand gestures.  Apparently I was in a full on conversation with myself and I was really getting into it.  I suppose I got away with it in the past by being in my car.  People probably assumed I was on the phone or singing to the radio.  When you’re on a train in plain sight, there’s no hiding your crazy.

I was planting flowers in the front yard last week when I noticed the chives had their flowers on them.  My friend once told me you could eat the flowers off the chives and they taste just like the chives themselves, plus they make a great presentation.  Being a pastry guy you know I love the presentation side so I said to myself, “you should do something with those.”  So, I headed in to the house and took a nap.  A week of talking to myself and convincing myself to actually so something with them and here we are.

I like cold food.  I like my coffee room temperature or iced.  I’m not a big meat eater and I think Jell-O should be illegal.  Other than that I am pretty open.  I live for salads.  Maybe because I used to be a fat-fat-fatty?  Perhaps.  Give me a tomato salad with some fresh herbs, a little olive oil, of course cheese and I will sit and hang out with myself all day.  My mind and I will not shut the hell up.  Oh, we have so much fun.  For me, this is a perfect summer time dish that I will live on all summer.

I made this dish like Sandra Dee or Lee or whatever the hell her name is.  My archenemy may be Martha but that’s only because I respect the fact of her doing everything on her own and from scratch.  Sandra something comes on the scene making everything kinda herself with some help from Kraft and they giver her a show?  Hey, my Mom’s been doing that since forever.  Where’s her show?!

Here is my Sandra Glee style salad.

Chop some cucumber, tomato, mozzarella, pistachios and chives and throw them in a bowl.  Use more or less of whatever you like the most.  Go overboard on the cheese if you like cheese like me.  The pistachios add a nice crunch factor to the salad.  It’s a nice addition I think.

Make the vinaigrette.

1/3c           Olive Oil
2Tbsp        Balsamic vinegar
pinch salt and pepper, to your taste really

Now toss your salad with this vinaigrette.

Smear some pesto down on your plate.  I didn’t make my own pesto.  Why?  Because there are people that make pesto.  I am not one of them.  Find a Farmer’s Market or a store where they sell stuff that’s made locally.  You know, a place that will likely have a good quality pesto.  After you smeared the pesto on the plate, lay your salad on top of this pesto.  Fancy it up with your chive flowers or more chopped chives if you can’t find the chive flowers.  Remember, presentation sells.


I’ll be expecting your call Food Network.


Chive flowers, beautiful and tasty!!

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