Baileys Banana Bread

baileys banana bread quick and easy recipe with box mix

I made my weekly call home to my Mom recently and she went on and on about the easiest way she found out how to make banana bread.  This doesn’t at all shock me as she’s gotten less likely to do anything as she’s gotten older.  She earned it though.  Woman worked her ass off running a house, working full time, raised four kids, one of them actually turned out great and the woman cooked and made everything from scratch growing up.  If she wants to take it easy she damn well deserves too.  Hats off to you Ma, you did one hell of a job!  Couldn’t be more proud or love you more than I do.

Here’s the thing.  You probably think I’m being a smart ass and saying I’m the great child.  Nope.  I’m not the great child nor are either of my brothers.  My Mom’s favorite and best child is my cousin Jen.  My Mom did a great job too, because everyone loves Jen.  Even my brothers and I don’t blame my Ma for liking Jen best.  We see it.

Back to the Banana Bread.  My Ma has a killer banana bread recipe.  The problem is me.  I’m lazy and unmotivated now and I don’t even have kids, nor do want kids and I would probably hate your kids if I was around them.  I don’t have a house, have no responsibilities, my jobs a walk in the park and yet I still don’t have the energy or the drive to make my Ma’s banana bread recipe.  It’s sad, you can say it, I do.  So when my Ma told me about the quick recipe she found for making banana bread I quick grabbed a pen and paper before she dozed off.  When she rattled off the recipe I couldn’t believe it.  It sounded too easy and there was no way it would taste as good as hers.  Well, it’s not as good as hers but life’s not as good as it was when I was younger either, so there.  Life changes and I’ve accepted that.

The only thing I noticed about the original recipe my Ma gave me was that it dried out way too fast.  I added a 1/4c of water and dry out problem solved.  I went a step further and used Baileys instead of water.  I love the combination of Baileys and bananas.  Baileys and Bananas is a marriage made in Heaven that will last until the end of time unlike marriages nowadays.  I’m sure Baileys is going to read this and make a Baileys and Banana flavor now and say they thought it up themselves.   As Nikola Tesla once said “I’m not upset that they stole my idea, I’m upset they don’t have their own”.  I couldn’t agree more Nikola, I couldn’t agree more.  I am going to snowball on Tesla’s quote though and say, “But if you like my ideas.  Why don’t you hire me?”.

“don’t let someone change you
to become what they need”

Quick and Easy Baileys Banana Bread

1 box Yellow Cake Mix
2  eggs
7 bananas
1/4c Baileys

-throw everything in a mixing bowl and combine until smooth
-pour into a greased 9 inch cake pan
-bake that dirty bitch at 350 degrees for an hour and then enjoy!

Check out my original Banana Bread Recipe it’s totally worth your time.

baileys banana bread quick and easy recipe with box mix

baileys banana bread quick and easy recipe with box mix baileys banana bread quick and easy recipe with box mix


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