Jelly Roll Sponge Cake

jelly roll sponge cake recipe easy

I was trying to come up with cake recipes that were easy and throw togetherable at a moments notice. I may have mentioned in the past that I believe you should have a couple base recipes that you can build from. Recipes that are simple and easy, yet appear that you spent time on. Your friends will be dazzled and impressed by your skills when in reality, you have none. Recipes that are foundations that can always be built on. Enter the Jelly Roll Sponge.

Jelly Rolls are cakes in disguise. If you go to a party and there’s cake. Of course it’s good and you’ll have some but if someone brings a jelly roll. Forget it. It’s exciting. It’s a cake in a swirly way. It looks cooler too. You’re intrigued. “Oh my God, how did you get that to roll without breaking? You’re so talented!!” You look like a some kind of genius. You show up with your chocolate cake thinking you’re hot shit. Then you look over and Uncle Darryl brought his fucking pumpkin spice roll that everyone goes gaga over and you look like boxed cake asshole. I saw it a million times growing up.

This jelly roll sponge is pretty cool, simple recipe and you’ll need it. Get this basic down because next week we are going to make a really cool cake that will make Uncle Darryl look like the biggest asshole that he is with his pumpkin spice roll. In your case, it could be that bitch from accounting. Why are all the bitches in accounting?

All joking aside, jelly roll sponge should be in your pastry rolodex. Do people still use rolodexes? Apparently they do because I just Yahooed it and they have a website. I just learned something new today and you did too, plus a recipe. Aaaand you’re welcome. Life is great, isn’t it?!

jelly roll sponge cake recipe easy jelly roll sponge cake recipe easy

The jelly roll sponge cake isn’t just fun and pretty to look at. It’s also light and fluffy with a delicate vanilla flavor that lets any filling you choose to use be the showcase. Here today I used a cherry jam that I had in the fridge and whipped up some cream with a little sugar. That’s it. And it made a for a perfect day with a perfect cup of coffee. It hasn’t let me down yet like life has and has always made me smile, unlike life has lately. I think I’ve said enough.

One thing to remember when making the jelly roll sponge is to make sure that your eggs are at room temperature. This is a good tip for baking cakes in general. When baking a cake I like my eggs and butter and flour and, well, I like all the ingredients at room temperature. For sponge cakes, room temperature ingredients will make a big difference. If your eggs aren’t at room temperature, you will not get the proper volume that you need. They just ain’t going to whip up the way they should. Will your cake not work if the eggs are cold? No. Will your cake turn out fluffier and better if the eggs are room temperature? Yes. Now you know right from wrong. Don’t say you didn’t know. You have the facts, how you choose to handle the situation from here on out is on your own conscious. So when you’re getting ready to make the jelly roll sponge cake, crack your eggs into the mixing bowl and let them sit for about an hour before you start to whip them.

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly,
is a way to make your soul grow. So do it!”
-Kurt Vonnegut

Jelly Roll 

6                   eggs
114g             flour, sifted
225g            sugar
125g            whole milk
110g            unsalted butter
3g                vanilla
2g                baking powder
pinch salt

-whip eggs, vanilla and sugar on high speed until light and pale and doubled in volume
-cook the milk and butter in a sauce pan just until the butter is melted, then pour over your flour and baking soda.  Whisk until you get a smooth paste like consistency,set aside
-when the egg mixture is doubled in volume,  whisk half of the egg mixture into the flour paste mix, whisk to combine and then add the last half of your egg mixture and combine into a smooth cake mix.  Do this in two stages in order to keep as much air in the mix as possible.
-once all incorporated, pour onto a half sheet pan that is lined with parchment paper and sprayed with nonstick spray
-bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until golden in color
-once cooled release the cake by running a knife along the edges
-spread with your filling and roll
-I think you got it from here on out…enjoy!

jelly roll sponge cake recipe easy jelly roll sponge cake recipe easy