White Chocolate Rice Pudding

white chocolate rice pudding risotto recipe

I don’t ever recall my Mom making rice pudding as a kid. I do remember she used to buy a rice pudding that was to die for.

I love rice pudding though I always thought making it was a pain in the ass. It never seemed consistent to me. I could never get my rice cooked properly and it never really came out like pudding. For me it was always soupy or thick like cement. I worked on this recipe for a while because I have other intentions for it that you’ll see in the near future. Me again with my one recipe and we’re eating it for weeks a million different ways.

Rice pudding traditionally comes from China, some say India. Whichever one you think it is, is correct. I sure as hell ain’t going to fight over rice pudding. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. I do know that as with most things genius, rice pudding was made by pure coincidence. An Indian couple were in the kitchen making dinner. That’s where most people make dinner. The husband had added too much water to the rice and the rice had become goopy and runny. Well, the wife was understandably pissed off as rice cost money and throwing away food is throwing away money. Surely they got into a heated debate. “What the hell’s wrong with you!” she shouted. “Like I know how to cook! I was just trying to help!” he yelled back, never feeling appreciated. The husband was quick to throw it away and the wife wouldn’t hear of it. “I’ll cut your hands off!” she let him know. “Then what the hell are we going to do?” he wondered. “It looks like pudding. Throw some sugar in it and call it pudding. The kids will never know” she answered matter of factly. And sure as shit, the kids loved it and it spread like wild fire around the world and here we are today.

How rice pudding became a staple in cafeterias is another mystery that I don’t care to look into? Maybe it’s cheap? Maybe because it’s easy? Could be. Again, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. I don’t like to fight.white chocolate rice pudding risotto recipe

Another thing I don’t like to do in life is complicate things. I guess the reason I never used to like rice pudding is because I thought the recipe seemed too time consuming. I can’t even cook rice regularly. Did I really want to try and make a pudding? Well, the only way past a fear is to face it. I think the reason we fear things especially is because we over think things. Don’t be intimidated by rice pudding. I was. But I owned up to it and persevered and became a better person for it.

Two things to remember when making rice pudding. At least, this recipe anyway. 1. Time 2. Temperature. Cook the rice with the correct temperature and correct time and you’ll be all right. Following the time and temperature will give you a consistent pudding. This isn’t one of those recipes where I say cook the rice for 40 minutes on low heat and you think cooking it at medium will cook it faster. No. Your rice won’t be cooked properly or will stick to the bottom of the pan and burn and nobody and I mean nobody likes crunchy or burnt rice pudding. Follow the instructions and nobody gets upset. Why you rushing through life anyway? Enjoy. Take it easy, Jeezus! Lastly, use good quality white chocolate. If you go to the grocery store you can pick up Lindt chocolate bars that are exactly 100g each. Grab three of them and you’re good.


“Sometimes you have to overcome YOU before you can overcome THEM…. get out of your own way”


White Chocolate Rice Pudding


235g/1c                Rice (I used Long Grain)
390g/2c               water
1                            vanilla bean, split in half or 1/2tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
1qt                        whole milk
300g                    white chocolate

-Bring water, salt and vanilla bean to a boil (add your 1/2tsp vanilla extract with the chocolate)
-Add your rice, turn heat down to low, cover, cook about 10 minutes
-most of the water should be absorbed. It’s OK if the rice is a little wet
-Add your quart of whole milk
-Keep the heat LOW. There shouldn’t even be any bubbles like a simmer. It should low enough just so that the milk is steaming.
-Cook for 40 minutes stirring occasionally. As it gets closer to 40 minutes you will need to stir more often.
-After 40 minutes, turn off the heat and add your white chocolate (if you’re using the 1/2tsp vanilla, add it here) stir to make sure all the chocolate is melted

Portion your pudding out into cups or however you wish to do it and sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend everyone.


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