The Mind-Made Prison by Mateo Tabatabai – Book Review

The Mind-Made Prison by Mateo Tabatabai - Book Review

This is the first book review I have written because I feel I have too.  I’ve read so many books and each book I take away a little something.  This book I took away a lot.  It’s one of those few books I keep on my shelf (by shelf I mean Kindle) that will always be read again and referenced when I seem to be going off track.

First I’ll start off by saying, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but the cover is pretty cool and looks all scientific but it’s not.  It’s an easy read and very relatable.  If you’re one of those that believes something and won’t change, you need to read this.  Which is pretty much everyone.   You could be stuck in your ways and your beliefs and it could be ruining your life or ruining others lives by you being an asshole.  Second, check out the guys name.  I mean, Tabatabai.  I’m not even sure I’m pronouncing it correctly but I like saying it my way anyway. Lastly, you can have this delivered to your Kindle for only $2.99.  A book this good, helpful and informative it makes you wonder why if he’s so smart why is he only charging $2.99?

A lot of self help, healthy, be the best you, you can do it, take charge of your life (you see the pattern, right?) books, pretty much repeat themselves.  This book actually gives examples of what we all think about (and we all think them) and why we think them.  His examples are so dead on, you think he’s in your brain.  Then he goes into detail as how to bust out of our thinking.  Really we are all in a mind made prison.  Nothing anyone has ever done to us has physically or emotionally stopped us.  We did it to ourselves.  We let peoples bullshit stop us on our own account.

“You think you are in control, but in reality your beliefs are controlling everything.” 

He mentions that we all get in a rut and so we read our self help books and then we feel better.  Then a couple weeks later, again we are feeling down and so we read yet another self help book.  Only to make us feel better again for a couple weeks or month at best.  I am guilty of this myself.  Freeing our minds of the bullshit and stress is something that has to be done on a daily basis.  It’s a daily practice.

“There is no right or wrong belief.  The only thing that matters is whether or not a belief is improving the quality of your life or not.”

Mateo reminds us we have to look inside and fix ourselves from within.  Nothing or no one in this outer world can fix us but ourselves and no one or no one thing can destroy us but ourselves.  We truly live in a mind made prison.  Not only our own thoughts hurting us but what we think others will say or think, is holding us back. Even what we think about how the world is going is harming our beliefs.

“In a world where the majority of people are asleep, it is simply irresponsible to look to others for instructions on how to live your life.  Sure, you should listen to as many people as you can, but in the end it us up to you and you alone to make the decisions that are best for you.”

It is definitely time to clear your mind and open your eyes.  In a world where no one gives a shit about anything or anyone, why would you care what others think? Like Mateo says in the book: Ask yourself if your thoughts are helping or hindering you?  If they’re not helping you, then go pick up his book or find him here:  mateotabatabai.com

I hope you spend the three dollars for Mateo’s book.  It is cheaper than those sugar loaded coffees you’re buying that are probably fueling your mind made prison anyway.  Make the investment in yourself.  An investment in yourself will return more wealth than any investment out there.

Get the book here – The Mind-Made Prison – Mateo Tabatabai


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