How labels make nothing, something

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Labels create something.  They make nothing, something.  When we label something it takes on a life of it’s own and creates meaning and shape.  Causing unneeded and unnecessary stress. 

Labels are intended to give information, not define.

If someone “Labels” you.  What does that even mean?  I label a lot of people as “pieces of shit.”  I have labeled them as pieces of shit to give you information or an idea as to their character.  Likewise, I have been labeled too, as a piece of shit.  If you ask these people or myself if we are pieces of shit.  We will argue that we are not.  Our labels of each other does not define us.

Bleach has a label letting you know that if not used correctly, bleach can be harmful.  On the other hand, it is a great product with many useful purposes.  If someones labeled a piece of shit and you deal with them, you are aware they may screw you over.  On the other hand, doesn’t mean they don’t serve a purpose.  To who or what?  I have no idea.  Both came with a label to inform you of what you needed to know.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

So why do we take labels so personally?  Why do we take something that has been labeled and give it power?

Last summer my partner and I went back to Ohio to visit my family.  My friends started saying it was “A big deal” or “Aren’t you nervous?” “This is a big step.”  After all the question and bullshit put in my head, I did start to get nervous.  The anxiety built up in my chest.  I was having chest pains and shortness of breath.  I let people label something that wasn’t big deal to me and I let that label define the situation and let it bother me.  I let something someone else labeled define my situation. This is insanity.  This is just plain stupid on my part.

The trip home turned out to be a blast and my family welcomed him with open arms and treated him like they would anyone else that entered their home.  With nothing but love and respect.

I never understood why we live up to what label is placed upon us?  I do it and so do most people.  People respond to words and actions. We feel them, we believe them and we carry them with us.  Whether putting us on a pedestal or trashing us.  We feel we have to identify with that label.  There is a sense of attachment.

We let a label, something intended to give information, define us.  We gave it a whole new meaning and then we gave it power.  It’s time to put a stop to something that is clearly nothing.  Your actions, integrity and character define you.  Not what some asshole labeled you because they don’t like you for whatever reason.

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“Eyes don’t create anything – they simply inform you what is there.  Creating one’s own reality is called imagination – that is the faculty of dreaming.” – Osho


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