Prune Ice Cream

Prune Ice Cream recipe

Supposedly there is a movement towards calling the Prune a Dried Plum.  Which is the dumbest and yet the smartest thing to do. 

Prunes: Why the dried plum is making a comeback. 

FDA Approves Prune Name Change

Prunes are associated with old people and nobody wants to be considered old because that means you’re worthless, nobody wants you, you’re a burden, you don’t know anything and you can’t poo.  Yes, prunes are popular with the old folk and helping them poo. Which in turn, means nobody likes prunes or wants to admit they like prunes because that will mean you’re old and can’t poop.

Allegedly prunes make you go poo (which is a myth) and old people need help going poo (which is a sad reality).  Well, you know what’s not a myth and makes you go poo?  Coffee, vegetables, fruit and beer nights ending with pizza. Yet these aren’t considered old people things.  I’ve killed a bag of prunes and didn’t even feel a rumbly in my tummy.  Now, give me some blueberries and it never ends well.  I honestly think it’s your bodies dynamic and we’re all different in that sense.  Prunes have nothing to do with it.  Leave them alone!  They’re good fruit!

People don’t know what coffee is that’s why they go to Starbucks.  They clearly won’t know shit about prunes or dried plums so why don’t these marketers pay Starbucks to make a Dried Plum Latte and the sheep will be lined up out the door.   Next thing you know people are loving the prune, er dried plum.  Win – Win. Marketers or Starbucks, if you run with this idea all I ask for is $1700.  It would really get me out of a jam and maybe even save my life.

So what’s happening is that marketers are getting away from prunes and now calling them dried plums.  The younger generation will buy it because social media will tell them too and the old worthless people will say “It’s a goddamn prune”.

Whether or not you believe what you’ve been told about prunes.  They are absolutely delicious.  Quite possibly, maybe people think that prunes are going to be like one big chewy raisin.  Nothing could be further from the truth. They are rich, sweet and super soft.  Like a pillow of fruity goodness.  This is why the prunes, er dried plums, are perfect for in ice cream.  Their rich, deep fruit flavor goes so well with the creamy custard texture of the ice cream.

I’m not really sure here what to call this ice cream then.  Is it dried plum ice cream or prune ice cream?  Whatever you want to call it to make yourself feel better. Then that’s what you call it.  Enjoy!

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Prune Ice Cream

75g          Egg Yolks
125g         Sugar
125g       Whole Milk
250g       Heavy Cream
113g       Prunes

-Have your egg yolks in a bowl and set aside.
-Bring your milk, cream, and sugar just to the beginning of a boil.  Slowly pour milk and cream mixture over your yolks while whisking constantly.
-Strain and set in the fridge over night.
-The next day, pour half your ice cream into a blender with the prunes and blend.
-Pour into your ice cream maker and churn until the mix looks like soft serve ice cream.  Freeze for up to 3 months.

Tips:  I don’t return my ice cream mixture back to the burner and cook additionally as a lot of people suggest.  I don’t think it’s necessary but if it makes you feel better.  Then by all means, you can return and cook your mix to 160 degrees.  Also, when blending the prunes, I prefer to leave it a bit chunky as I like the pieces of prune in the ice cream.  This is optional, of course.

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Prune Ice Cream recipe Prune Ice Cream recipe

Prune Ice Cream recipe