You can’t turn on TV without seeing a competition show. But are they just one more way of putting us in a box of mass thinking?

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Do you watch competition shows? Baking and cooking shows. I can’t stand them. That’s why I watch them. When I saw the advertisement for Beat Bobby Flay, I couldn’t wait to tune in. Sadly, it didn’t involve a baseball bat so I changed the channel.

I recently just finished Blown Away on Netflix.

It’s a competition show with glass blowing artists. I love glass art and have enough vases in my house that my funeral is going to be awesome. Glass is so beautiful and to be able to work with it is no easy task. I had the opportunity to work with a glass artists and let me tell you. Glass work is no joke.

What I hate about these competition shows is that they ask you to make something from your creative perspective and then they critique you on it.

I don’t understand this.

“I like what you did here Alex. I just wish you would have used a different color or done a different shape.”

Get the fuck outta here.

It’s like asking someone their opinion and then saying, “I wish you would have said something else”.

By the way Alex should have won the competition.

I think they purposely pick the one that’s not the best to make others work harder or direct their thinking in a certain way to win a competition.

It’s like a way of mind control. This is what they want, so that’s what I’m going to do. Don’t do that!

When I was in culinary school they had a wedding cake competition. And by competition, just like all competitions. I mean, we have an idea in mind of what we want and if you can read our minds. You’ll be our winner. Good luck!

When I entered the room my eye went immediately to this cake that was the most unique looking blue, shimmering frosting like snow falling off each layer with glittery snowflakes all over it. It was stunning. I loved it. Very well done, detailed, artistically crafted and before it’s time.

The judging chefs at the school ripped these girls a new one. They just tore the cake and the girls to shreds. They were in tears.

The cake that one? Classic white with gold accents that looked like a page ripped from a Wilton cake decorating magazine from the 1970’s.

That blue and snowflake cake within a couple years became the future of cakes. It was all the rage and people were paying a fortune for those types of cakes.

Instead of seeing the forward thinking of the girls vision, carefully crafted details on the snowflakes and out of the box thinking. They were chastised.

I’ve applied and interviewed for three different cooking shows. Each time I’ve been passed by because they needed specific people. Not we love your talent, we love your art, your style. They need characters.

I feel competitions are a way to keep people in a box.

I think there is enough for all of us to go around. I hope we all win. I really do. Look around who is winning? Trust me. You are talented and have a skill the world could use.

Don’t be placed in a box and let people tell what you “should” have done. Fuck that! Do what you do.

Doesn’t it say in the Bible, “Look in the mirror. That’s your competition”.


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