The Nutty Manhattan – My coping cocktail at the moment

whiskey cocktail manhattan

The Nutty Manhattan is my cocktail of choice that is currently helping me cope. All the chaos around the world and anger with people nowadays. Ugh…. disheartening. Let me grab my cocktail and we’ll talk about this shit for a bit.

Did you watch The Golden Globes? Man, Ricky Gervais is my hero. More of him and less of the “celebrities”.

Do you think when Ellen Degeneres got The Carol Burnett Award that Rosie O’Donnell was sitting at home. Drunk, surrounded by beer cans, half eaten cheeseball and cracker crumbs on her chest and yelling at the TV all pissed off?

Shouting through her tears, “I was America’s first funny lesbian. That should be my award.”

I would put money on it.

When I was younger I used to love to start a new job. The excitement of meeting new people, making friends and going out after work for beers and hanging out.

Today, the thought of coworkers asking me to hang out get beers after work scares the shit out of me. Times have changed.

Coffee shops should charge for their WiFi. After you purchase a drink then you get WiFi for a limited time. None of these assholes setting up shop for hours or without buying anything.

Coworkers… Need I say more?

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and see those people that put up those quotes about being a good person or positivity and you think “You’re the biggest fucking bigot I know. Why don’t you practice the quotes you’re always posting?”

Quotes are like the new church. Treat people like shit, go against everything moral then put up a quote about being good and you’re an angel.

Why is that when government and corporations fuck us over it’s considered policy. When we do it to them it’s called fraud?

Speaking of…

Boeing’s president knew that the 737 Max was defective and could have the potential to crash. He could have saved lives but didn’t so instead lots of people ended up dying. Quit his job and got $39 million to do so. No jail time. Nothing. Probably didn’t even get written up.

“You killed lots of people!!! Well, here’s $39 million. Now get out. You were going to get $40 million but not now. I hope you learned your lesson.”

There is a positive side to this. Now that this criminal is not president of Boeing. All those people afraid to fly now know their chances of dying in a plane crash just got lower.

In America we have freedom of speech meaning, you’re free to say what you like as long as the majority like it.

If not you’ll lose your job and we’re free to send you death threats.

Sigh….. where’s my Nutty Manhattan? Coping is so hard.

manhattan cocktail

I was at the liquor store last month and discovered that I’m at the liquor store way more than I should be. I was just buying my lottery ticket, I swear!

While at the liquor store I discovered a peanut butter flavored whiskey. It was next to the lottery machine, I swear!

A peanut butter whiskey? Yeah, I thought that was weird too. And since I didn’t have a job at the time. What better way to spend my money than on booze? Because that’s the American way!

Yes I used my credit card. I ain’t stupid.

As most Americans and growing up in the Midwest I have a peanut butter fascination.

Not by choice. We were poor. Another midwestern trait.

Not as poor as the south but if America keeps working at being great again. We’ll get there.

The peanut butter whiskey doesn’t have an overly peanut buttery flavor. I thought it was going to dominate and just be some cheap garbage whiskey.

Wrong. It has a smooth quality with a nutty finish. Very well done. I highly recommend it.

So tell me, what are you coping with at the moment? 

You must never think of conquering others by force. Whatever strains with force will soon decay.  – Tao 

The Nutty Manhattan

Two shakes of Angostura Bitters
1/2oz. Sweet vermouth
1/2oz. Frangelico
2oz. Peanut Butter Whiskey

-combine everything
-add ice and stir for about 43 seconds
-strain into your chilled Manhattan glass or a washed out peanut butter jar.

Sip and try to cope.

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whiskey cocktail manhattan