Why you should quit collecting stuff

swatch watch collection

Nobody cares now and if trends continue they will care even less in the future.

We live in a country where the dollar isn’t worth a dollar. You collect crap in hopes that someone with less of a life than you will find your thimble collection worth buying?

This is your retirement?

Stocks? Bonds? Real estate? Nah, I’m going with Japanese Anime figurines.

Yes we have become a super materialistic society. Spending our hard earned minimum wage on frivolous things that are worth nothing but a turned head and will be worth nothing in a couple years. Going deeper into debt so we can have stuff. Lots of stuff.

You really think Warren Buffet is scouring the Internet looking for someone selling their beanie baby collection? Highly doubt it.

These are the same people that have invested in an IKEA armoire to hold their Jordan’s collection telling you stocks are like gambling.

Uh huh… Tennis shoes are the 401k of the future. I’m sure you will have no problem finding someone to give you double or three times what you paid for your Jordan’s in the future. I wish you the best.

We are a throw away society. We need the next best thing. Not the next best old thing.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy stuff you like but be realistic about it. Just because you paid a fortune for something doesn’t mean some other asshole is going to come along and pay you double when you’re tired of looking at it. This is being realistic.

No one gives a shit that you stood in line for 2 weeks to get the new iPhone. Every one will have one eventually.

There is no resale value on an iPhone. The only price of getting one first is the investment in your ego.

Which by the way, don’t get me started.

Then you’ll stand in line for 3 weeks next year to get the new iPhone and you will be using your old iPhone as a coaster.

All the while complaining you never have time or money to do the things you really want to do.

Your belongings have no value to anyone but you. Your possessions don’t make you unique. Everyone has gone into debt to have stuff.

That designer bag you have, that you spent a car payment on?

That designer will come out with a new bag next year that “you just have to have” because some dipshit celebrity was given one for free so you’ll go out and buy one.

If you want to collect something. Collect stocks. Collect money. Collect that money in a place where it will grow. Collect real estate. Collect plane tickets and airline miles.

Collect memories to reminisce about when you’re too broke to do anything in retirement because you bought stupid shit.

Oh and you can collect watches like me. Kidding. I used too but stopped many years ago. Replacing batteries became a pain in the ass and expensive.

Hey Elon, create a watch battery that lasts. Thank you.

“Humanity his now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die.” – Eckhart Tolle 

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