Whole Wheat Blondies & A Big Thank You to my Readers

whole wheat blondies

Blondies are the best. They’re like a giant cookie that you can put whatever you want in the mix. This one I used whole wheat flour. They’re like giant soft graham crackers. Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee.

I’ve noticed since the lockdown that people are coming to Gus Baldwin more than ever. Which tells me the only way you people are going to come here is if you’re forced.

I’m not above desperation so I’ll take it. I’m certainly for using force. With that said. Please sign up for my newsletter!!

I have giveaways and good stuff like that. You listening Thailand and Canada? Don’t make me come over there.

whole wheat blondies mixed media art

Since all of us are stuck home and you’ve been forced to come here. I’ve gotten lots of great compliments to which I’m extremely grateful for, I really am.

I can’t thank you enough for the kindness and reaching out. It’s been a lonely time and sitting home. So it really means a lot to me. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I get asked frequently why I’m not opening my own shop and calling the shots.

I will tell you honestly. I don’t know.

I used to when I was younger. I dreamt about it, menus and notebooks with designs as to how my shop would look. Then I got older and I couldn’t give two shits.

It’s a lot of paperwork, licenses, insurance, maintenance and on and on.

A biggie…hiring people. Which is becoming virtually impossible to find anyone who actually wants to work. Let alone, qualified and skilled.

I can’t stand people as it is, let alone my coworkers. But I have the luxury of walking away and never having to talk to them. Imagine if I owned a place and HAD to deal with them?

So, for me. I like to consider myself the Tony Robbins of pastry.

I like to encourage other people to aspire to bigger and better things all the while never actually doing anything with my life.

The only things that don’t make me Tony Robbins is that I don’t sweat profusely, have an annoying voice, talk about myself constantly and people don’t pay me millions for me to tell them to follow their dreams.

I think he has a patent or copyright on that or something. I don’t know the legalities of stuff like that.

So I thank you for all the kind emails and words of encouragement. They mean a lot. They really do.

I have things in the works and projects looming.

For now I think I’ll stay right where I’m at. Kinda have no choice at the moment. I’m happy-ish and content. All is well in my world.

Hope the same for you.

See you next week!

whole wheat blondes

whole wheat blondies

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Makes 1 – half sheet tray

Whole Wheat Blondies

360g. Whole wheat flour
200g. All purpose flour
20g. Baking powder
7g. Salt
200g. Brown Sugar
200g. Butter
100g. Honey
5 Whole eggs
7g. Vanilla extract
1/2 bag. Cinnamon chips

-cream together butter, sugar, honey, vanilla until light and fluffy
-add your eggs, combine
-add your flours, baking powder, salt and cinnamon chips (if using)
**If you don’t have the cinnamon chips. You can add 1Tbsp cinnamon powder.

Have a half sheet pan buttered and lined with parchment paper. Press your dough evenly across the sheet pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. They should have a nice brown color. But not too brown. You want them soft and chewy.


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