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Thai Tea Flan is just as sexy as Thailand. Not as sexy as the people but pretty damn close.

thai tea flan

I don’t recall when or where I had my first Thai Tea. I do remember when I took a sip of that delicious weird orange looking goodness. Man, that shit was so good and so sweet. I was in heaven.

Ever since Thai Tea has become a staple in my life. Right up there with coffee. I normally hate sweet drinks. Especially coffee. But give me a Thai Tea and if it’s not sweet enough.

I am half tempted to write a Yelp review. Yes I will. Yes I will!

OK, I won’t but the thought crosses my mind. Then I realize Yelp reviewers are just sad people.

I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand last year. I can not describe to you the magic that is Thailand.

I will write a separate article in the future. For now, I’m just talking tea.

One thing I will tell you about Thailand that not many people speak of when you’re planning your trip. An important tip too, that they should point out.

Thai Tea flan

It’s hot.

Like, the kind of hot that America usually has warnings about. Where they tell you to stay inside and keep an eye on grandma.

That kind of hot.

A thing that has always fascinated me about hot climate countries. They dress in pants, got the trendy scarf, long sleeve shirts and jackets. Not a drop of sweat. Not one.

I on the other hand, looked like I just ran a marathon. I’m not talking just about the sweat. I was out of breath and panting like a dog.

While I was there I was lucky enough that it just so happened to be the time of the Lantern Festival.

I had to take the subway there after a long day of walking. When the subway pulled into the station. I let out a long, “Ooooooohhh shit”.

The train was packed. Here I am a covered in sweat with clothes clinging to me and getting pushed onto a packed train.

Of course, being the only one sweating like a hog. I kept apologizing profusely.

So there you have your basic introduction to the magical world of Thailand.

Thailand really is magical. It’s nonstop entertaining, crowded beyond belief, tomfoolery day and night and everyone’s so damn happy. You will come home broke but happy and have a million stories. It’s like Disney for adults.

thai tea flan

If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing Thai Tea. I highly, highly recommend it.

Don’t ask me the origin and what kind of tea it is. Check out Thai Tea here. They know what they’re talking about. I will however eventually look into the kind of tea it is because I’m sure there is or could be a million ways to use it’s gorgeous flavor.

The Thai Tea flan is a no brainer. Thai Tea, condensed milk, sweet and creamy texture. All the wonderful things about Thai Tea in a dessert form.

The crazy thing is, is that it actually gets better by the second or third day in the fridge. I can’t figure that out but its true.

Just like being in Thailand. It just kept getting better and better everyday. I was severely depressed when I had to leave. I’m tearing up just thinking about Thailand.

Hoping to return after all this madness going on.

Much love and respect for Thailand and the people.

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow” – Anita Desai 

Makes one 8 inch flan

Thai Tea Flan

For the sugar top or bottom. However you see it.

80g. Sugar
Water as needed
-add some water to the sugar to make like wet sand. Cover and begin to cook on high heat.
-once sugar mixture begins to boil. Remove lid or cover.
-cook to amber color and pour into 8” cake pan. Set aside

Thai Tea Flan Mix

680g. Milk
1 can condensed milk
2 Thai Tea bags – This is the brand I use and love
3 eggs

-warm milk over medium heat, just until warmed through. Drop in your tea bags and let the tea flavor infuse for 10 minutes.
-remove tea bags and add the condensed milk and the three eggs and whisk together. If you have an immersion blender even better.

Pour into the cake pan from earlier that you poured your caramelized sugar into that you’ve set aside.

Bake in a water bath at 300 degrees for 1 hour.

Note: Depending on how warm your milk is could affect the cooking time. Be sure to check flan through cooking.

It a should be loose and jiggle but not runny. If you touch the top a little should stick to your fingers.

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thai tea flan