News is such a general term these days. Are they reporting news or influencing you into eating out of their palms?

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We have become a world of consumption. Marketing and advertising have become game changers. No longer do we buy what we need. We buy what we’re told.

A company gives someone a product for free. They tell everyone how amazing it is and they’re not saying that because it was free, they really mean it.

You believe it and you feel you have to have it?

A hotel that these people could never afford otherwise gives them a free night and kisses their ass. And they tell you what an amazing place it is and you have to stay there.

You people feel you have to stay at this hotel. Going places and buying things you can’t afford.

They can’t even afford that hotel. They got it for free.

Busting out your credit cards and going into debt over something some nobody that you don’t even know who makes their money telling you, that you have to have something.

The world has become just one big high school.

“Yo, you guys gotta buy this skin cream. It’s makes my skin look so amazing!”

Get the fuck outta here!

Bitch you’re 27.

If your skin doesn’t look good after washing it and slapping on some Neutrogena. You’re either just plain ugly or you’re over 40. Get over it.

And if you feel you need to buy a face cream because Sarah who received that $97 face cream for free told you it’s amazing. You’re sad.

And if you believe 27 year old Sarah believes her skin became flawless from her free $97 face cream after one week. You’re dumb.

Lastly, if you believe someone on the cover of the magazine really looks like that in real life and hasn’t been airbrushed and been covered in gobs of makeup. Just die.

Going to a restaurant because Doug and Debbie just love the food there (because it was free and the people kissed their ass).

The truth:

“You guys gotta stay at this hotel. I did because they gave me a free room and food that’s why it’s sooooo amazing. I mean, I’ll never come back unless they pay for me again but you should definitely go. Seriously!”

We’ve gone from trying to keep up with the Jones’ next door to keeping up with some asshole that lives we don’t even know where, whom we’ve never met and never will.

You can barely pay your bills as it is and you’re drowning in debt. You’re going to try and keep up with some asshole that receives shit for free?

Trying to keep up with the Jones family. Learned that shit in high school. Economics 101. Dumbest and saddest thing you can do.

If you don’t know about the Jones family you’re probably under 40 and they don’t teach that shit school anymore.

Enough with the false hope and lies.

What if we influenced kindness and love for one another? That we’re all brothers and sisters and must act as such.

Influence tolerance and acceptance? Compassion and empathy?

That’s the influence this world really needs.

How about we start there.

Equality is essential to human life and well being – Desmond Tutu

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