How you’re mind is a landfill for the media. Time to discontinue service and live on your terms.

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We the consumer are made to feel bad about our purchases.

Working in hotels, restaurants and grocery stores my whole life. The amount of waste and unnecessary usage of plastic and cardboard I’ve witnessed is astounding.

If we are guilty of anything. It is that we have bought into the idea and the marketing that we need such materialistic unnecessary things.

Spending our hard earned minimum wage, which is another crime, to buy the garbage and material junk that they tell us we need. The societal pressure of fitting in and doing as we’re told.

The products we buy that were pushed to us with buckets of money spent on marketing. Built in mega factories with people making poverty level salaries, using tons of plastic, machinery, boxed in cardboard, sent out on ships and trucks. Then stocked in a store on a beautiful cardboard display playing to emotions for us to purchase something we don’t need.

And we do.

Then, we bought into the idea that all the pollution is our fault. We’re told we are wasteful. That we’re horrible human beings for the amount of stuff we consume and throw away.

Man we’re fucking stupid aren’t we?

I’ve thrown away enough food in my career that could have fed the world three times over.

Give it the underpaid employees? Nah. Destroy it so the homeless can’t get it out of the garbage? You betcha.

I’ve seen so much plastic, appliances, cardboard and tools go in the trash over the years. Yet they try to make us feel guilty for the way we live our lives and it’s all our fault.

It’s criminal.

The job I have this very day, I throw away so much food it’s heartbreaking. For a company that is one of the richest and biggest employers.

Makes zero sense to me.

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The point I’m trying to make is this – life is absolutely absurd. Nothing makes a bit of goddamn sense.

So live. Be happy. Be you. Don’t apologize for shit. Smile at your haters. Laugh at yourself.

Love those that love you and forget the rest.

Go along with it and roll with the punches because there is not a damn thing you can do to change any of it.

Life is out of your control.

The rich have and always will get richer and the poor are there to stay poor and serve the rich until we die.

It’s a system put in place since the beginning of time. It won’t be changed.

Nice if it could but there are too many mindless fools in this world.

We have and always will value money and things over happiness and kindness.

It’s just the way it is. Didn’t say I agree or like it but I’ve grown to accept it. Otherwise I’d be miserable.

So live. Enjoy. Don’t feel guilty one day of your life for living the way you do. Never let the corporations and government tell you that you’re the reason the world is going hungry or polluted.

There is enough for all of us. But that doesn’t make money.

Live and be happy.

And for crying out loud – TURN OFF THE GODDAMN NEWS CHANNEL!!!

Don’t try to understand life – Live it! Don’t try to understand love – Move into it!

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