Tres Leches French Toast with a twist that gets you the most absorption of goodness.

This technique changes everything. Sadly not enough to make you likable.

Did you make my Condensed Milk Bread? No big deal if you didn’t. But if you didn’t there is no kneed to read further. Ha!

See what I did there? Bread jokes never get old.

All jokes aside because I’m very professional. If you’re a lover of French Toast my Condensed Milk Bread soaks up a ridiculous amount of liquid.

In fact, BP has me on standby for their next oil disaster. Too soon?

I know French Toast can be a very touchy subject for some people. If I offended you I don’t give a shit.

perfectly cooked french toast set for breakfast

I guess technically you can’t call this Tres Leches French Toast because it only contains two milks.

I know you technical assholes are out there. (Thanks for the lovely email Missouri.) So it’s Frexico Toast. No?

However, this does contain condensed milk and the French Toast ends up being flooded with enough milk without giving you a soggy result. The absolute worst in Tres Leches.

Thus giving you a perfectly crusted French Toast with a soft clean vanilla milk infused bread.

This bread keeps its structural integrity and holds the milk perfectly until you get it to your face, bite down and you get what feels like a glass full of sweet vanilla milk.

Nothings worse than soggy Tres Leches that falls apart half way to your face.

It’s like when you do dishes and there’s cake in the sink and you bet your friend a dollar to eat it.

And I always did. I can get a cup of coffee for a dollar. I’m not turning that down. I got a retirement plan.

Oh how I miss the dollar game. I ate some pretty gross shit in my time.  That’s back when kitchen atmosphere was fun. I miss those days.

The real secret to this French Toast is that the bread is toasted before you soak it. It’s hard to explain the texture this gives the French Toast it’s something you’ll just have to try.

I’m not sure if it this dries out the bread giving it the opportunity to soak up more liquid or what. But it’s definitely going to change the way you make your French Toast.

You’re left with a new texture and high quality French Toast.

So this is my recipe for Tres Leches French Toast that will make everyone forget about how annoying you are. Depending on how annoying you really are you may also have to serve mimosas.

This Tres Leches French Toast pairs marvelously with my Blueberry Compote or White Chocolate Orange Butter. Hell serve with both!

“The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.” – Norman Cousins

breakfast table set with french toast and coffee


Toasted Tres Leches French Toast

4 thick cut slices of my Condensed Milk Bread toasted. About a 1 inch thickness.

4 eggs
140g condensed milk
1 3/4c Milk
Splash vanilla
1Tbsp cinnamon

-toast your bread and set aside.
-combine all your ingredients and whisk together making sure all the eggs are broke and everything’s a smooth mix.
-pour half your mix into your casserole dish measuring 10×14.
-lay your toasted condensed milk bread (or store bought brioche which may not turn out as well but) on top of the liquid.
-finish by pouring your french toast mix over the top of your bread.
-set in the fridge over night.

If and when you wake up the next day…

The toasted condensed milk bread will have soaked up pretty much all the liquid. No waste!

Butter a sauté pan with about 1 Tbsp of butter. Fry your French toast on medium heat for about 3-4 minutes on each side.

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