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Win a Care Package from Astoria, New York

It’s no secret I live in New York City. I do and I don’t.  Everyone thinks if you live in New York City that you actually live in the city in some glass high rise with a doorman.  No, I don’t.  I live in some box of an apartment in Astoria, Queens.   It may not be Manhattan but you know what it has that Manhattan doesn’t? Character.

Why not getting what you want may be a good thing

I went to culinary school.  To get a job as a pastry chef.  To do what I love.  To present my gift of pastry to the world.  What they don’t tell you in culinary school, I will tell you here.  Your gift of pastry skills and hospitality skills in general will be used to appease angry assholes that want you to kiss their ass. When I left school I quickly found out that culinary school should have taught me how to kiss ass.  First off, your talent, nobody gives a shit about.  How fast can you give me what I want?  That’s what the guest and your boss wants to know.  Second, the pay is pathetic considering how much school and training costs. People want what they want and want it now.  Quantity over quality.  This is what we’ve become. I’ve had guests where I work demand chocolate covered strawberries in January. I’ve let people know that it’s not wise and offered better options that I could do. No. They want strawberries and they want them now. …

Halloween cost more for white people

When I first moved to New York City I was living off the 1 train in the Bonx. Not that this has any relevance to the story. It was a trek up to the Bronx but I didn’t mind because the 1 train was absolutely fantastic for people watching. I still occasionally ride the 1 train to entertain myself. Hey tourists, riding the train is an experience don’t fear it.

Governors Island

One place I have heard so much about, especially in the summer here in New York is Governors Island.  For some reason to me it felt as though it was a day trip.  Not even close but it does feel like you took a road trip out of the city.  I am totally in love with the island. 

Tourist Tuesday with G and g | Black Ant and Friterie

This Tuesday we went to the East Village because Gilberto swears he’s never been there. Even though he has. We started at the most appropriate St. Marks Place. I love this area and it’s always fun to just stroll through. As usual we weren’t looking for anything in particular when we spotted a new Belgian fries place called Friterie. We split an order of fries with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce and a sesame peanut with scallions. The fries were done to perfection and the place is cool as well. It’s one of those places I have to go back because you know I’m going to have to try all the sauces. I’m a sucker for sauces. They could serve carrot sticks but if there’s a list of dipping sauces? I’m in line. We wandered a bit and came across a little gem called Black Ant. Black Ant has a sleek design that kind of feels out of place in the east village but the staff was great and chill, so they fit the bill. …

Tourist Tuesday with G and g

We originally thought it was going to rain because New York has THE worst weather reporting of any city I’ve ever experienced. I think they get their weather reports from the psychic hotline. So we thought we were going to the movies but it turned out to be a nice day.