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How competition shows keep you in a box.

Do you watch competition shows? Baking and cooking shows. I can’t stand them. That’s why I watch them. When I saw the advertisement for Beat Bobby Flay, I couldn’t wait to tune in. Sadly, it didn’t involve a baseball bat so I changed the channel. I recently just finished Blown Away on Netflix. It’s a competition show with glass blowing artists. I love glass art and have enough vases in my house that my funeral is going to be awesome. Glass is so beautiful and to be able to work with it is no easy task. I had the opportunity to work with a glass artists and let me tell you. Glass work is no joke. What I hate about these competition shows is that they ask you to make something from your creative perspective and then they critique you on it. I don’t understand this. “I like what you did here Alex. I just wish you would have used a different color or done a different shape.” Get the fuck outta here. It’s like asking …

11 Savvy Suggestions to Make Summer Eating Healthy and Fun

Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you should take a break from healthy eating! Summers mean more picnics, ballgames and festivals full of tempting (but less than healthful) foods. But you can have your ice cream, hot dogs and fried Oreos — in moderation — by following these suggestions. Eat Sweets in Small Portions Sweets and fried foods are fine, in small portions. Use this as an opportunity to show kids how to form a healthy relationship with food. Denying the “good stuff” can lead to poor, unhealthy food choices down the road. So a little treat here and there won’t do any harm. Keep Them Active If your kids indulge in a funnel cake or waffle and ice cream sundae once in a while, schedule more activities that help them burn off those extra calories. Also, encourage kids to share the treats so everyone gets a taste but no one overindulges. Be a Good Role Model Be a good role model. Eat healthier foods—and healthier versions of the foods everyone loves. For example, if …

Cookbook Giveaway!

If you have been following me here in New York, you’ve noticed I wave at dogs and give children the finger. Which one day is bound to get my ass royally kicked. You’re also a baker and probably collect cookbooks like myself.