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Plantain Panini with Chocolate Coconut Spread recipe

Plantain Panini with Chocolate Coconut Spread

I may be the only person I know that thinks Nutella is highly overrated.  It’s alright. I don’t go all crazy and squeal like a little girl when somethings made with Nutella. Bacon dunked in Nutella and people think it’s the best invention ever.  Well, move over Elon Musk some dipshit dunked his bacon in Nutella and we gave him a TV show.

Laverne’s Tres Leche

When I was a fat kid growing up, I couldn’t wait to get home from school to catch reruns of Laverne & Shirley.  I thought they were hilarious and I loved the physical comedy aspect of the tomfoolery those girls got into.  I remember Laverne always drank her milk and Pepsi concoction.