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Taggart’s Peanut Butter Pie

First, I’d like to apologize to the seven people that follow me, none of which are my mom.  I’m not bitter.   My goal for 2014 was to put up a post a week, even if it’s to say hello.  Well, it escaped me last week as I was too excited for my vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  All I had on my brain was beer and beach. 

Brandi’s Derby Hat

I am back in Ohio not even a month when my best friend Brandi give’s me work to do.  I wasn’t really concerned because if Brandi is up to something it is going to be pure tomfoolery and lot’s of laughter, plus if the job get’s done…  well, that’s a celebration in itself because usually when we are together, not a damn thing gets accomplished.

El Flaneche

Myself and my inner fatty were trying to think of how we could combine our two favorite desserts.  Enter El Flaneche.  El Flaneche is Spanish for:  The Flaneche.  El Flaneche is a combination of Flan and Tres Leche’s Cake.  I am huge fan of Tres Leche’s and my inner fatty can’t get enough of Flan.  I too like Flan but it just can be difficult to serve and cut or portion out at a party.  Tres Leche’s is more my route.